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Make your online ticketing more simple

How does it work?


You have complete control of you events and what you want to publish. All you need to do, is log into your account and add the info! Within a few minutes, you'll be able to sale your first tickets.

Spread the word

Create and send free tickets, export your calendar, your our codes to embed widgets on your site or your Facebook page... our promotion module is there to help you spread the word and maximise your sales!

Sale tickets

ePasslive is an online ticket system that can be customized to fit all your needs. Sell online tickets, print consignment tickets, or use our virtual cash register to sell tickets directly at the door. All the info is centralized on our platform and provides you with real-time reports!

get some cashflow!

Producing and promoting an event requires to have some cashflow. No worries, we're there for you! You can always request to have money transferred to directly to your bank account. Following our approval, transfers can be made in less than an hour. *certain conditions apply.

Pack your venues

While you are promoting your event, the real-time reports on ePasslive allows you to correctly estimate if your venue will be sold-out! You can better manage your promotion efforts and maximise your chances to fill the venue. We'll accompany you through the preparation of your event, the promotion, the ticket sale and the control at the door. Our free mobile all allows you to scan all the tickets, providing a perfect solution against fraud.

Analyse your stats

All your stats are in our most powerful statistic module and are presented in a clear and efficient way. You'll see your net sales, can filter them by event and by product type, get financial reports... everything you need to know is here!

sell your merch

Always looking for innovations, ePasslive introduces a unique service by giving you the possibility to sell merchandise at the smae time you are selling tickets! Create as many items as you want (t-shirt, chats, cds, coupons, etc), manage your inventory and organize your shipping!

Virtual cash register

Another ePasslive unique feature, the virtual cash register is a free service for the organizer that allows you to sell tickets at the door. This module gives the possibility to quickly generate and sell tickets on the spot, hence adding your door sales to your online statistics!

How much does it cost?

The online service is free for events organizer.
Transaction fees are added to your ticket price and billed to the ticket buyer. These fees are 1$ plus 3% of the ticket price, a fraction of what traditionnal big ticketing networks would normallly charge. When you create the ticket, you have the option to include the fee in the total price or to add it on top of the ticket price. 
Certain additionnal and optional services for event organizers can be billed, but you will never have any surprises if you didn't specifically request these additionnal services! 

Any questions?

You can always call our team at 514-508-3913, use the chat tool at the bottom right of your screen, or drop us an email at