All transactions are secured with Monéris. You can use your credit card (Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, Union Pay®).

What are my payment options?

On the  day of the vent, you can present yourself at the door with your ticket that you printed or simply by showing it on your mobile phone. Just make sure that the QR code is visible and clear. 

Do i need to print my ticket?

No worries, we have your back! If you cannot find the confirmation email with your attached tickets, you can have them resent to you. Just visit www.epasslive.com/en/lost-tickets and enter the email address your used when you purchased the ticket. You will receive all the tickets you purchased with this adress. 
If you wish you receive the tickets at a different adress, you ust contact the event organizer through the contact button on the event's page. 

I lost my ticket!

Sometimes, it is possible that the email adress was mispelled, that your inbox is full, or that your ticket is simply in your spam folder. 
If you do not find them anywhere, please contact the organizer and he will be able to send them back to you. You can contact the organizer through the contact button on the event's page. 

I didn't receive my ticket

The tickets are sold by the organizer. ePasslive simply provides the transaction platform and should in no way considered the seller of the ticket you are buying. 
Generally speaking, all tickets are final sale. For special cases, we encourage you to contact the organizer directly to verify their refun policy. 
The organizers can be reached through the contact button on their profil page or directly on the event's page. 
The ePasslive fees are non-refundable. 

Whas is the refund policy?

You can copy your ticket if you feel it's a precaution. But keep in mind that a ticket can only be scanned once per event. If you make copies, it could be risky if you lose your ticket. 

What happens if I photocopy a ticket?

We strongly recommend not to buy ticket from a third party. Each ticket is associated with the name of the original buyer, and certain organizers could ask for an ID. 
Also, by purchasing a ticket from a scalper, we cannot garantee that there isn't another copy of the same ticket and that your admission will be granted. 
ePasslive is not responsible for any misuse of the ticket after its delivery. 

Can i buy a second hand ticket that comes from ePasslive?

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