Sons of Sabbath - Hommage à Black Sabbath

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Théâtre Magog

125 Rue Principale O, Magog, QC J1X 2A7


29 juin 2024

Ouverture des portes: 19h00




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Billed as the most accurate Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath tribute ever, Sons of Sabbath are the longest running tribute of it’s kind in North America.

Rod has been doing Ozzy since 1989 and has played over 1000 shows impressing even the most ardent Ozzy fans. A dedicated performer and huge Ozzy fan himself, Rod takes the authenticity of his performance seriously.

Over the years Rod has met with Ozzy three times and has been given Ozzy’s blessing to continue Sons of Sabbath. Rod has also met with Zakk Wylde, Joe Holmes and all the original members of Black Sabbath.

In May 2001, reporter Roger Guitard caught the show and wrote, “The lead vocalist bore a striking physical resemblance to Ozzy, combining well-rehearsed facial gestures, costumes and posturing, as well as replicating Mr. Osbourne’s patented vocal lamentings.”

Is it the real deal? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell… Rod has gone to great lengths to recreate Ozzy’s likeness. Physically, Rod and Osbourne are the same height and weight. In addition to their striking natural likeness, he has the demon tattoo on his chest and wears the same tailored costumes. Accuracy and showmanship are the keys to the success of the show, where the ultimate goal is to give the audience the most authentic experience possible. Every performance is carefully orchestrated down to notes, tones, instruments and movements.

“The band was extremely tight and played their roles well, which is such an asset for a tribute band. Besides sounding like the artist your emulating , it certainly adds to the overall enjoyment of the evening if for a moment you’re able to forget you’re watching a tribute, and these guys did that well.

“From the 80’s hair to the mandatory shedding of shirts, they made the crowd feel they were truly at an Ozzy show and the response for the crowd validated their efforts.” Roger Guitard. Hardcore Ozzy and Sabbath fans are sure to appreciate all that goes into a Sons of Sabbath show. Over the years Rod has amassed an impressive collection of Ozzy memorabilia including a cross signed by Ozzy himself which is on stage at every show, the castle wall backdrop to take their show over the top.

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